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Rx Massage

Why Choose Us?

If you want to experience the incredible health benefits of massage, but going to an over-the-top ‘fluff-only’ day spa isn’t for you, Rx Massage is your perfect answer to relaxation and wellness.

A visit to Rx Massage is a truly therapeutic experience. Our treatments are for anyone looking to get away from the chaos of the day and feel better — effectively.

Our convenient locations within several Physical Therapy clinics — including Rausch PT, Rausch PT Dana Point, and South OC PT — are proof of our commitment to providing massages that not only get you relaxed but also get you results.

Private massage suites offer clients a dynamic-yet-tranquil environment that invigorates and fosters positive healing energy. Our expert therapists carefully customize each session to target your specific issues and goals, so you will always leave not only with what you needed from your massage but with a marvelous refreshed feeling as well.

What’s more? If you have a nagging injury, upcoming surgery, lingering pain or have had an accident, our Physical Therapy services are right there, ready to compliment the massage therapy and ensure total healing.

Our Pricing

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For General Massage
  • 50-minute massage: $90
  • 50-minute massage
    with cupping: $90
  • 80-minute massage: $125
For Active Release
Technique (ART)
  • 50-minute session: $90
The Rx Massage Membership is
($60 a month paid upfront) this includes:

50-minute massage
Member-only discounts on additional massages & ART sessions


Up to $25 off EVERY massage!
  • 50-minute massage(s): $90  $70
  • 50-minute massage(s) with cupping: $90  $70
  • 80-minute massage(s): $125  $100
  • 50-minute ART session(s): $90 $70
Want discounts on additional Rausch PT Wellness Services?
Try our Rx Wellness Membership!
Rx Wellness Membership

$99 /month $995/annually
($83 a month if you pay upfront)

  • This includes: One monthly complimentary service.
    You choose: 50-minute massage
    (relaxation, sports, therapeutic, cupping)
    or 50-minute ART session
  • Ten Laser sessions per month
  • One annual 40-minute Wellness Checkup
    with your physical therapist
  • Members-only discounts
    on all Wellness Services

Month-to-Month Contract or
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Meet Our Team

Veronica MunozCertified Massage Therapist

Calvin VangCertified Massage Therapist

Tommy CasarrubiasCertified Massage Therapist

Melissa BrukettaCertified Massage Therapist

Alfredo ValesCertified Massage Therapist

Jesse JacoboMassage Therapist

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