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7 Surprising Benefits of Massage


Can you believe it has almost been a year since physical distancing became a thing? Even people who aren’t touchy-feely are starting to feel the effects of prolonged touch deprivation. Massage can help alleviate those feelings safely and hygienically. And if you needed any more reason to visit a massage therapist, here are seven other benefits.

Many people associate massage with relaxation but there are actually plenty of surprising health benefits. Massage is a common therapy recommended by health professionals to complement other treatments. It’s beneficial for both your mental and physical health and is great for recovery from injuries and even reduces the appearance of scars. There are several reasons why you should finally book that visit to the spa. Here are seven surprising benefits of massage.

Massage aids digestion

Massage facilitates healthy blood flow and this means that it aids digestion. This is because oxygenated blood reaches your digestive system and helps speed up the process. It’s also great for reducing tension in your body. Often a massage therapist will focus on stubborn areas of your body and this includes your waist. Improved digestion can even help with weight loss, relieves constipation, and leaves the patient feeling much comfortable overall.

Massage helps with rehabilitation

Massage is often prescribed to complement other treatments such as physiotherapy by a spine surgeon. It helps with overall rehabilitation after an injury and is also beneficial to those with back or muscle problems due to sport or an accident. Massage brings the patient back to a speedy recovery and also relieves some of the stress caused by the injury. It helps loosen sore muscles and reduce swelling and pain.

Massage is great for your skin.

There are many reasons why massage is great for your skin and several benefits of facial massage, for example. It improves blood flow to the face which can relieve tension and result in facial rejuvenation. It’s even used to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles. If you want fresh, glowing, and younger-looking skin, you might want to consider booking an appointment with a massage therapist.

Massage relieves sinus pressure

Another benefit of facial massage in a particular is that it relieves sinus pressure. You can even do a sinus massage to yourself at home and this helps reduce the build-up of nasal congestion and relieves pain. Often people with conditions such as sinusitis or tension headaches are recommended massage as a treatment. Massage works by relieving tension from the affected area, so this is why it’s an effective treatment for headaches and sinus infections.

Massage reduces the appearance of scars

Massage also reduces the appearance of scars over time. There are several benefits of scar massage. It not only increases the blood flow to the area but also flattens out bumps and loosens the surrounding tissue. Many people have also found that it helps with the associated symptoms such as itching and soreness. There are, therefore, many ways in which massage can help with rehabilitation and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Massage boosts mental wellbeing

There are plenty of mental health benefits associated with massage. It helps reduce stress and anxiety due to its relaxing effects. It also helps you sleep and maintain a healthier sleeping routine. Massage has been linked to being an effective treatment for depression because it encourages the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. These positive hormones increase wellbeing and happiness and help to reduce anxiety. Massage also works well in combination with meditation and other mindfulness techniques which are used to improve mental wellbeing. It’s the perfect present for someone in need of a little stress relief or a way to focus on your own self-care.

Massage improves blood and lymph flow

It’s proven that massage improves circulation which is why it has so many health benefits. By stimulating a healthy blood flow, massage allows your whole body to receive a fresh supply of oxygen which is great for your vitals. It also soothes your muscles and improves skin blood flow. Increased blood flow also helps to reduce swelling and pain. Massage increases your lymph flow as well and helps you maintain a healthy lymphatic system. In fact, lymphatic drainage is a specific type of massage therapy to encourage the movement of lymph fluids. These fluids remove waste and toxins from your body.

Massage has many benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s not only a relaxing stress-relieving experience, but it also helps your body with its overall functioning. Massage should be carried out by a specialist, but there are some techniques you can try at home. There are several different types of massage and these are often complemented by other therapies. Always speak to your doctor about any new treatments and they will be able to recommend the best one for you.

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February 26, 2021

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