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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Athletes


Massage therapy has gone from a perceived luxury to a useful —  and even crucial  — part of an athlete’s routine. The many benefits of a professional massage are not just for the pros. They’re extended to anyone who participates in a regular exercise program. Hardcore triathlete to the weekend warrior, massage is key in recovery, reducing injury, relaxing – and more. 

Massage Therapy is a beneficial practice for all types of athletes, but do you know why? What has long been considered simply a relaxing experience is much more to people who depend on it to enhance their natural abilities and make them better athletes. Here are five ways a sports massage can benefit someone who makes a career out of play.

1. Increase Flexibility

Athletes are often required to have a high degree of flexibility in their muscles for optimal performance and for their own safety. Massage therapy can increase athletes’ flexibility in any sport and any advantage over their competitors is welcomed.

2. Increase Blood Circulation

Massage therapy also increases the blood circulation of athletes. Once they gain better circulation, they can breathe easier and more smoothly which increases their efficiency and stamina to produce a better performance.

3. Reduce Pain

For any kind of athlete, no matter the sport, injury is one of the highest risks and limitations to their performance. Massage therapist can reduce muscle pain, increase rate of healing, and generally aid in the overall recovery process.

4. Better Sleep

A massage done correctly can also increase the quality of sleep. In order to perform their absolute best, athletes must give their bodies time to recover, making it very important for them to get a good night’s sleep.

5. Relaxation

Most athletes, especially professional ones, are extremely competitive and very busy. This often makes it hard for them to relax and take time to themselves, which can increase their stress level dramatically. Massage therapy helps athletes relax and relieve tension.

The importance of massage therapy for athletes is now highly recognized and the demand for therapists is increasing. In fact, many massage therapists are shifting their field of focus to athletic massage. Almost every kind of sports team has athletic therapists ready to go in their locker room.

These are just some of the basic benefits that sports massage therapists can provide. If you want to learn more about massage therapy and acquire the skills needed to make it your career, then check out the sports massage therapy program at Fremont College.

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August 2, 2021

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