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Employee Spotlight – Tommy Casarrubias


Rx Massage — Laguna Niguel is thrilled to welcome Tommy Casarrubias to their massage therapist team! Tommy treats a wide range of clients that may be dealing with motion issues, the feeling of muscle tightness, as well as neck, shoulder, and back issues. He is fascinated with the back because he sees it as a big canvas that gives him a lot of room to work with to help heal his clients. He also loves to work with athletes, since he coached soccer for over 6 years, which helped him learn how the athletic body works with these specific issues.

Tommy’s favorite place in the world is between Barcelona and Lisboa.


The reason Tommy got into this industry is that it is similar to physical therapy.


Three words to describe Tommy:

Funny, Outgoing, Empathic


Tommy Casarrubias

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October 7, 2020

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