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Insurance & Self Pay

Insurance We Accept

We accept Medicare, Workman’s Compensation and take Liens for personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents. The following are a list of the PPO insurance carriers we are currently In-Network with:

We are currently in network providers for Monarch Healthcare HMO. We accept workman’s compensation and take liens for personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

Do you bill my insurance claims for me?

We will file your insurance claims for you to your Primary Insurance Carrier. We accept assignment on most, but not all, insurance plans, (please check out Insurance Page for a list of accepted Insurances). This means we will bill the insurance company and once they pay us their portion of the allowed amount, we will then bill you, the patient, any remaining patient responsibility.

How often do you bill my insurance?

We submit insurance claims on a weekly basis.

Will you tell me what my insurance covers?

We will call to verify your benefits prior to your first visit as a courtesy. You must remember though, that verification of benefits is nevera guarantee of payment. This means that any information an insurance company gives us over the phone or via the internet stating benefits for a patient could possibly be different than what that plan covers when the claim reaches them. Bottom line – if Sue from Blue Cross tells us you don’t have a co-pay, we process your claim and you do end up having one, you are ultimately responsible for this payment. We rely on getting accurate information from your insurance company upon verification of benefits – however that information is never guaranteed.

What can I do?

Being informed about what your insurance covers is an important first step. The insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the insurance company. It is important for patients to know and be familiar with your own benefits as well as any restrictions and limitations that may apply. Ultimately, you (the patient) are responsible for knowing what your insurance company covers and what requirements they have for treatment. For example: referral requirements, number of visits covered, deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments. Keep yourself informed about your insurance coverage so you won’t be blindsided by a bill once they start to pay your claims.

Can you waive my co-payment and/or deductible for me?

It is illegal for us as contracted providers with your health insurance to waive co-payments or deductibles. These must be collected appropriately according to your health insurance contract and are due at the time of service. If there is a financial hardship situation, arrangements with the billing office must be made prior to treatment.

Does my insurance cover my cancellation/No-show fee?

No, your insurance does not cover the cancellation/no-show fee. There is a $25 charge for a No-Show or cancellation without the proper 24 hour notice for existing patients. Courtesy reminder calls made are not in lieu of personal responsibility for keeping your appointments. Payment on this charge will be required upon your next visit before you are seen. If you are non-compliant with your appointments, your treatment may be discontinued.

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