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New Patient

As a new patient, we know that you come with a unique set of challenges and need a treatment plan designed just for you. We want to thank you for trusting us with your care, and pledge to provide the utmost service and most effective solution possible to get you back on track to your healthy lifestyle.


Please come 15 minutes before your appointment for the paperwork. Our licensed physical therapist will interview you, provide a thorough evaluation of your condition, and establish an individualized treatment program just for you.

Please allow up to 1-1/2 hours for your first appointment and bring your prescription (unless we confirmed with you that we have it), license (or valid ID), and insurance card, along with your New Patient Forms. Please complete all information to the best of your ability.



It is important to fulfill the frequency and duration requirements recommended by your doctor in order to gain the most benefit from physical therapy. We feel strongly that is a major key in meeting your goals, and will work with your schedule to allow convenient treatment times.


It is essential that you inform the physical therapist or front office staff at least one (1) week before of any upcoming scheduled physician appointments so that we may prepare a progress report that will be sent to your physician to let him/her know how you are progressing with treatment.


Our physical therapist may use methods such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise, heat and/or ice, and electrical stimulation. The therapist may request that you come early to your appointments in order to begin the exercises you have already learned to get your warmed up and prepared for your session.


During the course of your rehabilitation, your physical therapy may include a prescription for a home exercise program to be carried out on your own. It is important to follow this home program for the continued success of your rehabilitation.

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