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Jerry K.


From aches to agility in a few short weeks!
A recent broken shoulder left me with a lot of pain and little movement in my arm. I couldn’t raise my hand above eye level, was my hair or pull on a sweater. And, as for the backstroke in the pool, forget it!
However, thanks to Josh, my therapist, and the Pack team, I’m back in motion! If I have the figures correctly, my disability went from 63% to 21%. Among other accomplishments, I’m easily able to lift my arm to wash my hair, reach for items on a high shelf, pull on sweaters, button buttons and even do a modified backstroke. all the member of the team are highly skilled, efficient, and very caring. The location is clean, modern, well equipped and pleasant. For anyone with aches, breaks or other needs for physical therapy, I would highly recommend Pack Physical Therapy!
Many Thanks!

August 16, 2016

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