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Before therapy I couldn't run, nor could I sit down without having a constant pain in my knee. Now I can run two miles and sit comfortably. Thanks!
I can bend my knee a lot better with more strength in my legs. I can go up and down stairs right. Tim did a good job of helping me with my knee.
Joyce M. Stewart
On October 7, 2010 I came to Pack Physical Therapy because of a disc problem in my lower back. The pain I was feeling was debilitating. Waking up was extremely achy; in addition the right side of my hip was feeling like pins and needles. But thanks to the Physical Therapist at Pack Physical Therapy, which was prescribed by my Doctor, I have improved tremendously. I'm now 99.9% pain free. It's amazing! The therapist used techniques on my back, hips and legs that were so helpful. Also the homework I was given added to my recovery! Thanks to my therapist and to the faculty!!
Toni Katcherian
Prior to P.T. I suffered from lower back pain, weakness and unpredictable electroshock muscle spasms. These spasms were extremely painful causing me to nearly pass out. Now as P.T. has been completed the spasms are gone, I have gained strength and flexibility and the confidence that comes from moving pain free. I am, in my own estimation 90% completely recovered.
Jim Greenwood, Orange County Sheriff/Dana Point Police Services
I love the respect and trust my patients place in me. And what I love most about my work is helping people have hope and getting their bodies back.
Brodie Pack, MPT
From aches to agility in a few short weeks! A recent broken shoulder left me with a lot of pain and little movement in my arm. I couldn't raise my hand above eye level, was my hair or pull on a sweater. And, as for the backstroke in the pool, forget it! However, thanks to Josh, my therapist, and the Pack team, I'm back in motion! If I have the figures correctly, my disability went from 63% to 21%. Among other accomplishments, I'm easily able to lift my arm to wash my hair, reach for items on a high shelf, pull on sweaters, button buttons and even do a modified backstroke. all the member of the team are highly skilled, efficient, and very caring. The location is clean, modern, well equipped and pleasant. For anyone with aches, breaks or other needs for physical therapy, I would highly recommend Pack Physical Therapy! Many Thanks!
Jerry K.
This was my first experince with PT and it was very positive. The back pain that I had been having on and off fr a prolonged period of time started to become constant and interfered with my daily living. After eight sessions at Pack Physical therapy with laser treatment, manipulation, strengthening, training, etc. I no longer have any pain and am so relieved!
Ali O.
I began to have a pain in my left shoulder and realized I could not do some simple tasks behind my back. A daily task was tying my apron behind my back. The pain was so strong I just could not do it. Now I can do that task with no pain.
Margaret K.
I had injured my lower back working out at the gym. Was experiencing a high amount of pain and discomfort. Met initially with Brodie who started therapy on my back and showed me my initial exercises/ Further treatments with Brodie and Josh to reduce the inflamation and combined with various stretching, my back is much, much better and am able to resume workouts. Also learned to use better form doing exercises. Thanks guys!
John P.
I severely strained my hamstring while playing softball. By the time i saw the doctor, the back of my leg was swollen and purple and the pain was intense. I had a lot of trouble walking, sitting down, setting up, and I was in pain even lying down. My calf and ankle were soon swollen, too. After four weeks with Brodie Pack and his staff I am back to normal, working out, light jogging and even surfing. He incorporated the graston, various stretches, and laser. And it all worked!!
Herbert B.
Prior to my therapy with Pack Physical Therapy my left elbow was injured at work - at first i thought it was a minor injury that would heal on it's own. After 4 months of waiting for healing that didn't occur - I had to take action. I was referred here, a skeptic at first, but after the first week (3 visits) I was impressed with the breadth of knowledge and care - Josh was able to truly identify the source of pain and how to apply appropriate therapy. Thank you!
Schuyler M.
When I first arrived to Pack PT, I was 5 days post right knee surgery. I was non- weight bearing on my leg; unable to stand on my own and unable to drive or get around without assistance. At first I had a hard time with therapy. I was not gaining my ROM or flexibility every week. 2 months post surgery I underwent manipulation under sedation and started a more vigorous therapy schedule. Now at the end of my PT story I am back to having full function in my knee. I am doing yoga, able to jog, and do weights at the gym. I am very thankful for all the support and hard work my therapists gave to me. I definitely would not be able to do a lot of the things I can do without Brodie's dedication at the beginning and Josh's push to strengthen my knee in the end. Thank you!!!
Grecia G.
These guys are the best!! when I came in months ago my right arm just hurt.... I felt like a gimp.I wondered how am I ever going to cycle again? And what about when I need to be able to carry a 50 lb pack on an upcoming backpacking trip! These guys are so professional... Kind, patient... knew exactly what I needed for therapy. I am on my way Thank you so much!!
I came to PT because of lower back pain and a pain when sitting down too long. Since I have been coming to PT my lower back pain is 80% better and the pain in my butt is 80% better also. I really didn't think PT would help me, but it has really helped.
Christina S.
On Feb. 5th, 2016 I had a spinal fusion in my lower back. On March 1, 2016 I started the first of 20 therapy sessino with Josh at Pack PT. When I first started, my lower back was still sore and inflexible from the surgery. I was very limited in terms of range of motion, and unsure of what i could and could not do in terms of exercise. I also had some residual numbness in my right foot from my sciatic nerve being pinched so badly for so long. Josh started me out with 4-5 exercises that kept my lower back neutral, but began to strengthen my abs, and stretch my piriformis, calf and other muscles. He also began to work very diligently on "freeing up" the scar tissue from the surgery. This made motion easier, increased my general comfort in that area and also greatly reduced the scar's negative appearance. As the weeks progressed Josh continued to add other exercises to improve my core strength further, my balance when standing, my lifting technique, and my muscle flexibility especially my hip flexors and my hamstrings. Towards the end of the 20 sessions Josh added some exercisesthat improved my upper body strength while being aware that my lower back was still early in its healing process. By the end of the 20 sessions I not only had the best abs I have had in many years, but my flexibility and balance were greatly improved and my overall ability to move around and do normal daily activities was back to normal and in some ways better than before the surgery. Most if not all of the numbness in my right foot was gone. The surgery scar was hardly noticeable. Josh also educated me on how my muscles worked and why I was doing several of the exercises. Needless to say, I intend to continue the exercises that I have been doing in an attempt to keep my aging body in the best shape I can return to skiing, scuba diving, golfing, household tasks, etc. I am thankful to Josh for all he has done for me to help me quickly recover from a major surgery. He is personable, but serious about his work as well as very observant that what he wants done is done properly. I would recommend him to anyone attempting to physically recover from a major surgery, but only if that person is willing and disciplined enough to do what Josh says.
Bob K.
I had pain in my right shoulder for several months. When I went to the Dr., x-rays showed arthritis in my cervical spine and I was referred to Pack Physical Therapy. I was a little skeptical thinking that arthritis is not curable; however, I have been pleasantly surprised! After recieving treatment from Josh and doing the recommend exercises and stretches, my pain is almost gone. I noticed a difference from the first session and there was continual improvement. I no longer have radiating pain down my right arm. My range of motion and mobility have improved. I still feel mild pain occasionally when exercising, but it is tolerable. Also, much less pain while sleeping. I am thrilled with the results!
Dawn A.