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The Rx Wellness Membership is a holistic, affordable option to not only help you get healthy —but stay healthy—for life.

At Rx Massage we understand the importance of total body health. That’s why we’ve bridged the gap between rehab and wellness by offering our clients not only exceptional massage healing and recovery (for the body AND mind!) — but also outstanding physical therapy and sports performance technologies. Ask us more!

Rx Wellness Membership

$83 /month $910/year
(only $75 a month if you pay upfront)

  • This includes: One monthly complimentary service.
    You choose either:

    • 50-minute Rx Massage
      (relax, sports, therapeutic, ART, or cupping)
    • 55-minute StrechFix
  • Add on: Ten monthly laser sessions per month for only $30.
  • Members-only discounts on all Wellness Services

Month-to-Month Contract or
Save BIG When You Pay-In-Full!

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View a detailed Pricing Sheet to compare all Memberships plans and their benefits and discounts on Rausch PT Wellness Services, including Pilates, Massage, ART, Sports Performance services, and more!

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